Parent – School – child weirdness

What will you call a mother / father who sends her Kindergarten child with high temperature to school, just because he / she will be naughty at home? What will you call those schools who do not send back the sick kids to home?


Can we call them irresponsible?



Where did humans go wrong?

Being unhappy is the most disastrous thing humans have committed. The human brain cell is fond of anything but being happy. Happiness is a threat, a state which is highly volatile and hence avoided for its own good. The very experience of being happy has become a costly affair. And then follows the genetic imprints and modulations blah, blah….blah!


In the the quantum world, a “decision”, probably is in sync with the “outcome” that is measured in the beyond, in time and space. The “outcome” that governs the decision is in no random fashion. Why this fun?


The idea of creation is “new”. Never repeating itself. For the new to be, the old will have to die. Human mind works under the physics of the “known” coupled with memory and experience. To know the unknown, like what Einstein attempted and even succeeded a bit, there should be a void, a complete emptiness in the brain cells to receive the “unknown”. It cannot be invited through a meticulous exercise or yoga or meditation. It comes in uninvited, like a thief – when it feels so. Then there is a state of being, whatever you may call, “intelligence”, “enlightenment”, “bliss” or benediction.


a cell membrane called God

The other day, I was glancing through a biology book when I came across another encounter with God.

This thickness of a cell membrane. It is beyond human, beyond anything that is appreciated by human.

Picture of a cell (animal / plant / microbe)


At 1″O” clock position there is a word called¬†plasma membrane (cell membrane).¬†Diagrammatic representation of the cell membrane is probably a millimeter thick.

Till 1950s there was no evidence that a cell membrane existed. It was there and no one bothered. why?

The thickness of a cell membrane is almost seven millionth of a millimeter*.

And there was a need for an electron microscope to find it out.

Electron microscopic view 7-10 nm thick

Or an artistic representation of a cell membrane looks like –


Science is God and God is Science. Now you know why.

* from “The Biology of Belief”.


Purpose of life

It was a dark evening and the roads were filled with chattering crowds. They were burning something made of plastic which filled the air with a pungent smell. Walking along the pavement, one could feel a sense of joy coming from a flower shop. They were extremely bright colored flowers, painfully tearing the eyes. They were laughing and giggling and there was terrific fun inside shop which no one cared. A man who just passed by was smoking a heavy cigarette on everyone who were following him, not aware of his habit.

On turning around the corner of the pavement, there sat this old lady with rugged clothes and a dirty skin. She must be in her late 80s as one could get it from the wrinkles in her face. Her eyes were vacant, calm and attractive with a sense of satisfaction, or rather nothingness. Her only food was beetle nut and water. There was no purpose in her life as she sat there patiently waiting for death to arrive.