a cell membrane called God

The other day, I was glancing through a biology book when I came across another encounter with God.

This thickness of a cell membrane. It is beyond human, beyond anything that is appreciated by human.

Picture of a cell (animal / plant / microbe)


At 1″O” clock position there is a word called plasma membrane (cell membrane). Diagrammatic representation of the cell membrane is probably a millimeter thick.

Till 1950s there was no evidence that a cell membrane existed. It was there and no one bothered. why?

The thickness of a cell membrane is almost seven millionth of a millimeter*.

And there was a need for an electron microscope to find it out.

Electron microscopic view 7-10 nm thick

Or an artistic representation of a cell membrane looks like –


Science is God and God is Science. Now you know why.

* from “The Biology of Belief”.


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